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Filtration Soil Carpet Cleaning Service

Air movement in a home may be caused by furnace and other fans, although there’s a theory that air expands on the sunny side of a house and is pushed to the cooler side, and then pushed back as the house and sun change positions through the day. Natural convection occurs as warmer air rises, and any opening in the construction of a floor will allow air to flow through from lower floors.

Clients often mention that they never saw soil filtration lines in their previous homes, and wonder if poor construction practices are to blame. It may be the opposite, as old houses tended to be drafty, while newer homes are more energy conscious and tightly built to prevent air leakage to the outside, the air moves through the interior of the building.  Higher pressure areas no longer push air outside.

The soil or dust may consist of pollen, shed skin particles, tiny bits of sand, oils from cooking, candles, or outside air pollution. Together these soils combine to form a sticky substance just right for adhering to fibers. A little soil deposit can quickly become noticeable as the area fills with ever more dust-collection adhesive. Eventually, the oils will oxidize and turn yellow, and will become more difficult to remove.

If you see this filtration soil beginning to happen, giving this area of carpet a good vacuuming is a start. If soil discoloration remains, apply a detergent that is safe for your carpet type, agitate with a white towel, blot and rinse. Rinsing is important, as any detergent residue left in the carpet may attract more soil.

That’s where air is flowing. It may seem odd that the easiest path is under a wall, but remember that the ceiling and wall corners are all sealed with joint tape and paint, while the unfinished base of the wall is only hidden by trim molding. The cure in this case is to have the carpet pulled back so the gap at the bottom of the wall can be sealed with caulk. When the carpet is re-stretched, the discolored area can often be trimmed away.

What is this dark square that matches the shape of the dresser?

A furnace vent was under the dresser. The dresser had low legs and an open base, but created enough back pressure that air flowed through the top of the carpet nap. In this case the dresser was moved away from the vent, and we suggested the furnace filters be checked as well.

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