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Is your cat using your carpet as a litter box in Pensacola FL?

It happens.  Your furry feline, Marble, is having apparent issues and your carpet is, well, just not the same.  If you know what we mean. Yes, the cat is urinating where you don’t want, he or she to.

Clearly it is time to act. Who would want to throw a party while your guest might faint if you haven’t already?  We at Veterans Carpet Cleaners want to take care of it and we know we can.

Our Golden Rule for any type of cleaning is that we guarantee customer satisfaction.  That should give you peace of mind when choosing us to take care of “that problem.” We will give you affordable, upfront pricing. Based in Milton, FL we also serve Pace, FL, Pensacola, FL, and other surrounding areas. We have been in business since 1973 so you know we have seen this problem just a few times before. Yes, decades of this popping up.

Cats and other pets can be vulnerable to having reactions if using the wrong chemicals.  We don’t want to see any hissing or hysteria out of your cat. We are sure to use just the right solutions, so it is safe for kitty, family, and friends. You will find a clean and healthy result.  That is our goal at Veterans Carpet Cleaners. Trust us!

A couple of tips.  It is best to do it as soon as possible.  The more it smells like a litter box, the more inclined that your little friend will use it again and again. And you want to do the service as soon as possible so it does not get down to the pad.  Then it will be a potential tear out and replace.  That just means more cash out of your pocket.

Is your cat using your carpet as a litter box in Pensacola FL?

Our cleaning is a lot more affordable. We clean any room starting at just $59* dollars!

Here are some other tips so your furry friend will be more inclined to use the litter box. Make the litter box attractive to your cat. Use fine grained, unscented, clumping litter. Also, avoid plastic litter box liners. Cat’s claws can get caught up in that plastic. It makes it hard for the cat to dig and bury the “you know what.”

And remember to be patient.  If there has been a major change in the house, such as a new baby, it may stress the kitty out. Ultimately, be sure to make your kitty feel safe.  The problem will slowly go away.

In the interim, be sure to call us at Veterans Carpet Cleaners. Until we talk, tell your cat hello for us. 

Meow away!
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*Enzyme Deodorizer additional charge.

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