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Best Carpet Cleaner for Dog Stains in Pensacola

Dog never barks but leaving the “gifts” in the house? What to do?

Doggie deposits, but in the wrong place? Your best friend is urinating on the carpet in the family room. You love your furry pet, gentle, fun for the kids, and gets you out and active on the daily dog walk. That is all great but why does he or she need to squat and urinate in the wrong place?  Blyme, and you even gave the left-over steak in the doggie bag to the pooch. 

Was the steak not enough?  Is your pooch mad at you? This calls for investigation so let’s sniff around. In this blog we will take a look into why man’s best friend would have it out for the CARPET IN THE HOUSE!?

Veterans Carpet Cleaners is to the rescue! Clearly, we can put it together and help solve the potty problem with where it can start.

It is basic awareness that if your pooch is a puppy, they might be in the process of potty training but just not “there yet” and could urinate in there, the house.  Root them on! Training a puppy just takes time, patience, and encouragement. Get the kids involved have them train the pooch offering steak treats! Besides, it helps build the bond between the kiddies and the pooch.  So, they can walk and take care of them.  Besides the kids are always the ones that mostly wanted the puppy. Right? If that doesn’t work, get the four pawed friend trained by a professional.

Sometimes it is the opposite problem. Your old dog, Patches is getting up there in age and has bladder inconsistency. Perhaps it is going through dementia and think your carpet is just as good going outside and doing their business in the grass. Also, be sure to get Patches checkups with the vet.  There can be other underlying conditions. Make an appointment with the vet to see if the pet has underlying issues such as diabetes, a urinary tract infection, kidney, or bladder issue.

Regardless, we at Veterans Carpet Cleaning are ready to ensure the smells and stains are gone! And one more thing, it is important to get on it.  Any smells left behind will encourage your doggie to go in the same spot or start working on another.

It will be fresh.  Just call us at Veterans Carpet.  Relax, we have you covered so take your pooch to the bark park and then to the doggie bakery for some treats! Bow! Bow! Bow!
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